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TechCrunch points out that only 23.9% of active Android smartphones are currently running software new enough to work with one of the new smartwatches. On the one hand, 23.9% is a pretty lousy percentage. On the other hand, probably the only people who would consider buying a new Google smartwatch are ones who care about having the latest technology, meaning they are using Android 4.4 anyway. This has been a consistent problem with Android devices. Whenever Google releases a new version of the operating system, it takes manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. several months to adopt the software to their phones. That’s because manufacturers like to modify Android with their own user interfaces and special features. Often, many Android phones never get a new version, which is why the vast majority of devices in the wild are running outdated software.
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Less Than 1/4 Of Android Phones Work With Google’s New Smartwatches | TechCrunch

According to the publication, the search giant has chosen MediaTek as the strategic solution partner for the development of the Android One platform. The chip-maker is known for its low-cost processors, which will help in keeping the pricing of Android One smartphones down. Google has been in talks with MediaTek for the Android One in the past six months and has promised to offer its latest software and filmware of Android platform to the Taiwan-based IC design house for detailed development, indicated the sources, wrote Digitimes. Digitimes also adds that the Micromax Android One smartphone, which was teased at the Google I/O, will be powered by MediaTeks MT6575 dual-core processor.
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Xolo to Debut Hive UI on New Flagship Android Smartphone in July: Report | NDTV Gadgets


Dont believe it? By Googles own count , 13.6% of Android phones are running the latest public build of the OS, Android 4.4. And thats not 13.6% of all Android phones ever sold, mind you. Theyre not counting that old G1 youve got sitting in a shoebox somewhere. Thats 13.6% of active Android phones, as counted on June 4th, 2014.
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Android One smartphones will be powered by MediaTek chips: Report

The music player is yours. The contact book is yours. The themes are yours. Imagine what it would be like to create things based on your ideas. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?… So the next probable question itself is what exactly is Hive? We would say, imagine a forge.
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Well Connected Movie Buff Watch a movie and become a critic! Review and rate a movie on to earn a Movie Buff Badge! Movie Buff The author has posted comments on this article Javed Anwer , TNN | Jun 27, 2014, 05.49AM IST NEW DELHI: In a bid to target price-conscious consumers in emerging markets like India, Google on Wednesday unveiled Android One, a programme that will see the company partner with local phone makers to create and sell affordable yet fully-functional Android phones. Sundar Pichai, the influential Google executive, who heads Chrome and Android divisions at the company, said that Android One devices will see their global launch in India in “fall” and will be priced below $100. He added that Google was already working with three Indian phone companies Micromax, Spice and Karbonn for Android One phones. The move is significant because Microsoft, which so far has failed to notch up significant market share with its Windows Phone (WP) mobile operating system, too is eyeing the price-conscious consumers in emerging markets.
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